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How it all started?

The journey began in 2008 with Anemarija Toth Kostevc's first trip to the Philippines to assist her mother with the retirement program in the country. During this trip, she met the Honorary Consul General of Slovenia, Mr. Jose Luis U. Yulo, Jr. The Honorary Consul General assisted in arranging documentation, leading to the development of a friendship between the two families. This friendship evolved into a mentorship in the business field, prompting Anamarija Toth Kostevc to seek new knowledge and experiences in the business world in the Philippines.


During her stay in the Philippines that year, the idea and initial collaboration between the two countries began to take shape, gaining momentum in 2023. During this period, Mr. Yulo and Mrs. Toth Kostevc remained in contact, organizing several delegations of Filipino businesspeople to Slovenia and refining the concept of expansion and collaboration.


This laid the foundation for the Slovenia-Philippine Business Club, serving as a supportive environment for Slovenian entrepreneurs seeking opportunities for expansion, collaboration, and acquiring a workforce from the Philippines.

Our Mission

SFBC represents private sector interests to promote and strengthen business, economic, tourism, sports, and cultural ties between Slovenia and the Philippines.

We assist Slovenian businesses entering the Philippines and Philippine companies entering Slovenia, always mindful of the cultural adoption requred to ensure sustainability.

Signing of Document
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Anamarija Toth Kostevc


Founding member

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Anja Osojnik

Managing Assistant

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Jose Luis U. Yulo, jr.

Founding member


Ivan Kostevc

Founding Member

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