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1.1 Company Information:

The issuer of the General Membership Terms is the Slovenia-Philippine Business Club (hereinafter: SPBC), an association under the umbrella of DIVINE BRAND d.o.o., Dečno selo 32, 8253 Artiče (VAT ID: SI 14378612, Registration number: 6954065000). The General Membership Terms of SPBC (hereinafter: general membership terms) define the mutual rights and obligations of the issuer and the members of SPBC.

SPBC is an organization representing two countries (Slovenia and the Philippines), with a mission to promote trade and investments between Slovenia and the Philippines, enhance economic and bilateral cooperation, and facilitate workforce exchanges between the two countries. It aims to promote entrepreneurship, internationalization, foreign investments and technology, sustainable development, and circular economy. SPBC is a legal entity of public law, strategically supported by the governments and institutions of both countries, with the purpose of promoting economic, tourism, educational, and cultural attractiveness of Slovenia and the Philippines in areas such as trade and investments, internationalization, entrepreneurship and innovation, technological development, education development, workforce exchange, and tourism promotion.


1.2 General Business Terms:

The general business terms of SPBC serve as a legal agreement between the club and its members, defining the rules, obligations, and expectations of both parties. The purpose of these rules and terms is to ensure a fair and transparent relationship between the club and its members, fostering a safe and friendly environment for all. The scope of these terms covers all aspects of establishing contact, membership, including eligibility requirements, fees and payments, code of conduct, termination, liability, compensation, and dispute resolution. By agreeing to the rules and terms and signing the membership declaration, members acknowledge and accept the rules and policies of SPBC and agree to abide by them.




2.1 These terms apply to all services provided by SPBC through the following domain and subdomains or otherwise: and all other domains and subdomains listed on the website.


2.2 These terms govern the relationship between SPBC and its members and partners, including third-party companies and governments. They apply to all services and events provided by the club.



Access our website via




4.1 Submission of Accurate Data:

Members commit to providing accurate and current information about their company upon joining and during the membership. The club reserves the right to verify data and may request additional information for membership purposes.


4.2 Access to Information:

Members have the right to access information published by the club regarding events, membership, and other relevant content. Information marked as confidential is excluded from general access.


4.3 Responsibility for Updates:

Members are responsible for regularly reviewing and updating published information about their company. In case of changes to the company, contacts, or other essential information, members are obliged to update their profiles promptly.


4.4 Use of Information for Business Purposes:

Members commit to using published information exclusively for business purposes related to club membership. Any misuse of published information may lead to membership exclusion.


4.5 Protection of Sensitive Data:

The club is committed to safeguarding sensitive data of members and will not disclose such data to third parties without the members' consent. Members are expected to respect the confidentiality of information about other club members.


4.6 Communication Timeliness:

Members are encouraged to stay updated on communication, announcements, and notices provided by the club through various channels, including email and the online platform. With this membership section, the club advocates for open and trustworthy information exchange among members while respecting privacy and business interests of individuals and companies.




5.1 Membership Fee:

Membership is open to individuals, companies, and organizations interested in promoting business relations between Slovenia and the Philippines. The club reserves the right to reject or revoke membership at its discretion.


5.2 Membership Fees:

Membership fees are paid annually in advance or at any time during the year, valid for the calendar year from January 1st to December 31st and are non-refundable. The club reserves the right to change the membership fee, and members will be informed of any changes. Membership is considered valid for one year and automatically renews. If mutually beneficial, alternative or extended membership durations may be considered.


5.3 Membership Benefits:

Members have access to club networking events, business opportunities, and other membership benefits. The club may, at its discretion, modify the benefits available to members and will inform members of any changes.


5.4 Member Obligations:

Members must adhere to the club's code of conduct, which includes respecting the rights of other members, maintaining professional behavior, and refraining from activities that could harm the club's reputation. Members must also keep their contact information updated and inform the club of any changes.


5.5 Financial Obligations and Membership Fee:

After submitting a completed and signed membership declaration, each member must pay the membership fee, the amount of which is determined based on the following conditions:

  • S Group: €50.00 + VAT (micro-enterprises, sole proprietors, individuals – companies with up to 10 employees and/or gross sales not exceeding €700,000.00)

  • M Group: €125.00 + VAT (SMEs – companies with 11 to 250 employees and/or gross sales between €700,001.00 and €40,000,000.00)

  • L Group: €270.00 + VAT (Large enterprises and corporations – companies not falling within the above criteria, but including entities of public interest, stock exchange-listed companies, and companies required to prepare consolidated annual reports).

The club reserves the right to change the membership fee without prior notice, and members will be informed of any changes.




6.1 Eligibility:

To use our services, you must be a registered company or an individual intending to conduct business between Slovenia and the Philippines. The club reserves the right to reject or terminate services at its discretion.


6.2 Service Fees and Commissions:

Service costs are paid in advance and are non-refundable. The club is entitled to a commission of 1-5% if the total value of the concluded transaction exceeds €1,000,000.00, and 5-10% if the total value of the transaction is up to €1,000,000.00, depending on the complexity and scope of the services provided. The commission is payable upon the conclusion of the transaction. Other services are charged according to the current price list.


6.3 Service Description:

SPBC provides services to connect companies with the aim of promoting business relations between Slovenia and the Philippines. The club will endeavor to connect clients with suitable partners and facilitate information exchange between clients. This may include translating or summarizing documents, creating presentations with data about its members, and creating infographics based on provided data. Additional services may be agreed upon between SPBC and its members based on mutual agreement, and additional charges may apply.


6.4 Club Obligations:

The club will do its best to connect clients with suitable partners based on the information provided by clients, facilitate information exchange between clients, and provide support and advice as needed. The club is entitled to receive the agreed commission upon the successful conclusion of a transaction. The club will strive to provide accurate and relevant information about the business environment in both countries, facilitate meetings among its members, and organize B2B events.


6.5 Client and Member Obligations:

Clients must provide accurate and complete information about their company, including products or services, target market, and any specific requirements or preferences regarding a partner. Clients must also adhere to the club's code of conduct and all other policies and regulations of the club. Clients are responsible for paying the commission due to the club upon the successful conclusion of a transaction. Members must keep the club informed of any significant changes in their organization that could impact the club's activities and provide information relevant to SPBC. Members are expected to act in good faith and inform SPBC of any internal or external actors that could affect the goals and objectives of the club.


6.6 Confidentiality:

The club will treat all client data as confidential and will only disclose them to partners with the explicit consent of the client. Clients must also maintain the confidentiality of all information provided by the club or its partners to the extent necessary for business between the parties. The club may feature success stories of clients and partners on its website and other social media only with the consent of both parties (clients/partners and SPBC).




The club collects and processes personal data of members in accordance with its privacy policy, available on the club's website. In accordance with EU legislation, we will facilitate the removal of all personal data from our databases upon a written request.




All members and partners of SPBC are expected to adhere to a code of conduct, which includes respecting the rights of other members and partners, clients, governments, institutions, maintaining professional behavior, and refraining from activities that could harm the club's reputation. The accepted communication languages between members and SPBC are English and Slovenian. When possible, we will facilitate communication among members in these languages.

SPBC will strive to facilitate an understanding of different business cultures between the two countries. Members are expected to understand these differences and not take offense at unintentional protocol breaches.




Either party can terminate the membership contract at any time in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The club reserves the right to terminate the membership contract if a member/client/partner violates the terms or behaves in a way that harms the club.


9.1 Exclusion from Membership:

The club reserves the right to exclude a member who violates membership terms and damages the club's reputation. Upon detection of a violation or irregularity, the member will be first notified in writing. If warnings are disregarded, the member will be excluded from membership, with written notification.


9.2 Withdrawal from SPBC:

A member wishing to terminate their membership in SPBC must submit a written resignation statement, sent to This must be done no later than October 31st for membership termination for the following year.



10.1 Liability and Compensation:

SPBC shall not be liable for any damages or losses arising from the use of its services, except in the case of intentional misconduct or gross negligence. Members/clients/partners agree to indemnify SPBC and release it from any claims, damages, or losses arising from their use of club services. Membership does not guarantee obtaining a visa for Slovenia or the Philippines.



Any disputes arising from these terms or consulting agreements will be resolved through negotiation and mediation. If a resolution cannot be reached, the dispute may be submitted to a court in accordance with Slovenian or Filipino law.




By applying for membership, you agree to be included in our newsletter. This is a club benefit that informs you about club events and activities. If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving news, you can do so at any time using the links provided in the electronic message.

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